Our Team

We have a team approach here at Frankston Osteopathy and all of our Osteopaths enjoy working together towards a common goal for each specific patient. Occasionally 7 minds can be better than one in achieving a measured reduction in symptomatic pain. All of our Osteopaths have studied for 5 years and have a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and a Masters in Osteopathic Medicine. We are all members of Osteopathy Australia and have varying interests and histories in sports and the importance of healthy living.



AlisdairAlisdair qualified from Victoria University in 2002 with a Bachelor of Clinical Sciences and a Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy). Alisdair has sought experience in various suburbs here in Melbourne and also in various locations in Ireland. It was this experience which then led Alisdair to become one of the founding members of Frankston Osteopathy almost 10 years ago.

Alisdair loves a challenge and will spend the required time treating patients with complex cases involving pain in multiple areas of their body. These people vary in ages from 4 days old to 50 and beyond.
Alisdair has an interest in the treatment of headaches/migraines, as well as low back, pelvis and lower limb complaints. His treatment techniques range from gentle manipulation, soft tissue massage, muscle energy technique, trigger point inhibition, dry needling and cranial sacral technique.

Alisdair can be found in his spare time chasing his two children, sampling gourmet goods and quality coffee with the family or riding his mountain or road bikes with his mates. His loves anything that has wheels, is a lover of technology, and is a passionate follower of motorsport.


AnitaA Seaford local, Anita graduated in 2001 from Victoria University. Anita first became interested in Osteopathy due to knee issues during her late teens. With thanks to an Osteopath in Adelaide Anita realised the importance of good form, stretching and regular joint care. It's not surprising that Anita then completed her research into Glucosamine for her Masters which reflects her keen interest in nutrition as an important adjunct to health.

Before beginning Frankston Osteopathy, Anita spent the first 7 years of her profession working in various clinics here in Melbourne as well as overseas in Ireland. During this time she has developed an interest in treating a variety of conditions, in particularly with sports related injuries, womens health and paediatric care. A mother of two and a keen runner, swimmer and gym frequenter Anita can appreciate the importance of an osteopathically fine tuned body for maintaining health and well-being through exercise and nutrition.

A pro-active Osteopath with a belief in pre-habilitation, Anita will endeavour to encourage an interest in self-managing stretches, techniques or an additional therapy to aid the overall treatment process. Anita is primarily structural and somewhat firm in her techniques, talks a great deal, and loves probing for gardening advice, new recipe ideas and travel plans.


Rebecca ThompsonI am now in my tenth year of practice as an Osteopath. In that time I have worked in many different clinics and been exposed to many different osteopaths and ways of treating; as well as many different patients and types of complaints! I love the whole body and lifestyle benefits that osteopathy offers. I have a special interest in managing pregnancy and pediatric concerns, postural problems, as well as general health and fitness, injury prevention, rehabilitation and functional strength.

I have a background in sports, fitness and nutrition and this has always been my passion. Since having my son in September 2015, I have an even greater interest and appreciation of pregnancy and pediatric care. 

My treatment approach is dependent upon each individual case. There is a strong emphasis on anatomy and biomechanics in combination with tailored stretching/rehabilitation programs. I use cranial and ligamentous techniques to treat pregnancy, babies and children and where a more gentle approach is required.

I have practiced osteopathy in two established clinics in Ireland on a working holiday. It was an amazing experience to live overseas and have the opportunity to travel as well as being able to expand my osteopathic knowledge and skills in managing a successful osteopathic practice.


WillWill is passionate about how important movement is for the body and the value of being active.

He has been involved in exercise since he was young and has hence developed a keen interest in the importance of determining the cause of injury, preventing injury recurrence and getting his patients back to doing what they love.

In his spare time Will enjoys going to the gym and watching his beloved Melbourne Demons playing football. Will has developed over his lifetime a very in-depth knowledge of sport which he will gladly love to discuss.

Will’s repertoire of treatment techniques is very extensive and is specific for each patient depending on there requirements. Some of Will’s techniques include varying soft tissue techniques, articulation, manipulation and dry needling.



Melissa AndrewsMelissa has always had a strong interest in the functioning of the human body which inevitably has led her to pursue a career in Osteopathy. Her enthusiasm for Osteopathy stems from the holistic approach to treatment and the way it addresses all areas of the body to create balance and alleviate discomfort.
Melissa is an accredited sports trainer with Sports medicine Australia and has worked at a number of local AFL clubs managing acute sporting injuries. Melissa has a special interest in the assessment and care of headaches and their close association with acute and chronic neck pain. She has had additional training in dry needling and is exceptional at ensuring clear and concise communication to those in her care.

Melissa has a strong passion for waterskiing and yoga and continues to pursue an active lifestyle in her spare time. She is also a certified yoga teacher and Pilates instructor. Melissa continues to engage in further education in all areas of interest, and always endeavours to provide her patients with up to date and comprehensive level of care.


CaitlinCaitlin is a practitioner with an interest in the treatment and management of both acute and chronic conditions.

She graduated from Victoria University with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and a Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) in 2005, and further enhanced her skills completing a Graduate Diploma of Education in 2013.

Caitlin believes that listening to her clients is an integral part of a consultation that allows treatment to be tailored to suit the needs of the individual.  With an emphasis on education relating to posture, exercise and self management strategies, Caitlin incorporates a variety of hands on techniques to help restore function to the musculoskeletal system and improve general health and well being.



Ashley Emerson-WebberAshley is an osteopath graduating from Victoria University as Master of Health Science (osteopathy).  He is also a qualified personal trainer and biochemist.

Sports, fitness and injury rehabilitation is a passion of Ashley’s.  He has 6 years experience as a personal trainer and many years of training for National level swimming and middle distance running. This has provided him with a keen understanding of how to maximise training efficiency and sports injury management.

Outside of work and fitness, Ashley can be found eating tonnes of vegetables and watching cricket.

Ashley has recently joined Frankston Osteopathy and is looking forward to assisting with your return to health.




Sophie was inspired to become an osteopath after seeing how effective it was for her friends and family. The specific patient centered approach particularly appealed to Sophie after seeing how this was lacking from other areas of health care.

A graduate of Oxford Brookes University in the UK, Sophie's treatments use a combination of structural techniques including soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and joint manipulation. She also finds self-management very important in injury rehabilitation, often prescribing exercises and stretches. Sophie is also qualified in craniosacral techniques meaning she can treat babies from newborn as well as patients of any age with this approach.

She especially enjoys treating neck pain and headaches. Other areas of interest include treating osteoarthritis, constipation and chronic pain in order to improve quality of life especially for the older generation.

She has worked in New Zealand for several years and is new to Australia but looking forward to getting to know the local community here in Frankston. In her spare time she enjoys yoga, tramping and travelling.



Without these smiling ladies, our clinic would simply not function.

JACKY GOODCHILD - Jacky is our practice manager and bookkeeper and has been with us since our early pen and paper days back at Mereweather. Jacky enables the clinic to function with minimal worry, does excellent pictures in our coffee froth, and is Anita’s ally in keeping Alisdair under control. We are endeavouring to make sure that she remains with us until well into her 90s.

AMY HART - Amy is our young university student. She is currently studying to become a Teacher and enjoys dancing during her spare time.

SAM GOODCHILD - Sam is one of our receptionists. She is currently studying to become a Teacher. Sam loves going to the gym and has a loves to pop out for a coffee and a spot of

REBECCA - Rebecca is one of our newest receptionists and brings laughter and is always up for a chat.

ANNE-MARIE LUKE - Anne-Marie brings bubbles and fun to the clinic and has an energy to burn.